Latest highlights

In collaboration with Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia (VOGA) we are investigating the ecology of offshore oil and gas platforms.

Science that matters

Our goal is to make a difference

Our research boasts high academic and real-life impacts. It is used to directly inform and influence both policy and management actions on national and international scales. We are also a member group of the Ocean Science Council of Australia (OSCA), an independent consortium of leading Australian experts concerned with advancing marine conservation.

Prof. Jessica Meeuwig (middle) was a finalist in the 2012 WA Science Ambassador Awards  

Multidisciplinary approach

Our skill set is as broad as our range of interests

With strong expertise in areas such as quantitative and behavioural ecology, statistical modelling, environmental monitoring, molecular biology, or wildlife genetics.

Teamwork focus

When it comes to ocean conservation, two brains are often better than one

We collaborate both nationally and internationally to deliver on-the-ground outcomes and tackle problems of local, regional and global significance.

Big picture thinking

Our vision is global, with partnerships and field programmes in most ocean basins either side of the Equator.

Past and current sampling sites include: Western Australia, Palau, New Caledonia, the Chagos Archipelago, Tonga, French Polynesia, the Savage Islands (Ilhas Selvagens), The Philippines, Clipperton, the Revillagegido Islands, and the Gulf of Oman.