Student opportunities

– Under/Post-graduate projects, training and internships –


If you are interested in pursuing a PhD or MSc degree at the Centre for Marine Futures, please send Prof. Jessica Meeuwig an email with:

• a short description of what you are interested in working on relative to our lab’s activities
• why you want to join our lab
• a curriculum vitae

Please also check the scholarships page at UWA and look for other funding opportunities. International students are very welcome.


Honours projects typically focus on the use of existing video imagery of sharks and fishes to answer ecological and behavioural questions of relevance to marine conservation. Field research opportunities are limited. Contact Jessica or see the Honours Project Handbook for potential projects.

Internships and work experience

We welcome interns and volunteers to the lab, assisting us in meeting our conservation goals. These opportunities focus largely on pelagic and reef video image analysis. Upon completion of internships and work experience, you will have a good understanding of the use of stereo-video imagery for research on pelagic and reef fish assemblages and strong species identification skills. Small stand-alone projects can be arranged; opportunities for fieldwork are limited.


Inspiring young people for careers in marine science is essential to ensuring ocean conservation. We host school groups and individual student projects, subject to lab capacity.