Niue and Beveridge Reef

– Field expedition –

Video footage collected using drifting baited cameras (pelagic BRUVS) during the National Geographic Society’s Pristine Seas expedition to Niue and Beveridge Reef, South Pacific Ocean, in September-October 2016.

Niue is located in the South Pacific between Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. This island nation offers incredible opportunities to observe marine life. Along the island’s coastline there is a wide variety of geological features, including exposed coral formations, cliffs and caves.

Beveridge Reef lies 120 nautical miles (approx. 222 km) southeast from Niue. This submerged atoll is often visible during low tide and shelters a notable array of marine biodiversity including grey reef sharks, silky sharks, marlins, moray eels and wrasses.

For many years, Niueans have employed management practices to maintain the marine ecosystem in pristine condition and promote long-term sustainability.

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