Clipperton Islands

– Field expedition –

Video footage collected using drifting baited cameras (pelagic BRUVS) during the National Geographic Society’s Pristine Seas expedition to the Clipperton Islands, Eastern Tropical Pacific, in March-April 2016.

The island is a small, uninhabited coral atoll under French jurisdiction. It is a wild, remote, and highly unusual place, with deep offshore seamounts that are as of yet unexplored. The pristine outer waters are home to sharks, tunas, manta rays, and whale sharks. While the shoreline and outer reefs are bursting with color and life, the inner lagoon is so rich with algae that its deepest waters reach high temperatures and are toxic.

The survey was undertaken in partnership with the National Geographic Society and used a “DeepSee” submersible, remote drop and stereo pelagic cameras, scuba diving surveys, land surveys, and drone cameras to explore, scientifically survey, and record this unique environment.

Copyright: Centre for Marine Futures, University of WA 2016.

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