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Dr. Shanta Barley goes in search of the elusive platypus

Shanta Barley | Sep 23, 2016

Shanta Barley

Sep 23, 2016

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Shanta and Josh conducting a night-time survey of platypus habitats.

Source: BBC.

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Dr. Shanta Barley
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Check out the new show on BBC One in which our postdoc Dr Shanta Barley goes in search of that elusive evolutionary oddity, the platypus.

Entitled “Bodies“, the episode explores the anatomical secrets of some of the weirdest animals on Earth.

The platypus is an egg-laying mammal only found in eastern Australia that, like sharks, uses electroreception to hunt for prey. Shanta teams up with caesar ecologist Josh Griffiths to find one in the wild near Melbourne and see its sophisticated hunting behaviours in person.

Note: BBC iPlayer only works in the United Kingdom. We will update this page when the show airs in Australia.

Shanta observing a platypus at Healesville Sanctuary north of Melbourne. Source: BBC