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I am a marine ecologist focused on understanding the ecology of reef and open-ocean shark and fish assemblages and the way in which their status reflects anthropogenic impacts and management responses. Key to my lab’s vision is a multidisciplinary approach to marine conservation centred on a diverse repertoire of field and analysis techniques, from baited remote underwater video systems (BRUVS), to acoustic and satellite tagging, trophic analyses, behavioural studies, or predictive model buidling, e.g. of the influence of ocean bathymetry on pelagic species. Our scope is international, with ongoing programs in Australia, the Chagos Archipelago and New Caledonia.

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Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering’s Eminent Speaker


West Australian of the Year  – finalist 


WA Science Ambassador – 1 of 3 finalists.

Western Australia’s “100 Most Influential” – First in the Environment category (The Weekend Australian,  21 April 2012)


Conservation Fellow – Zoological Society of London

Adjunct Professor – University of British Columbia, Fisheries Centre


Awards of Excellence – Online Video Documentary and Online Video Education.International Academy of the Visual Arts Communicator Awards for “A Tour of Australia’s Southwest Marine Region”


Award for excellence in marine research – State Coastal Conference.


Finalist – T.W.M Cameron Award for Outstanding PhD thesis, Canadian Zoology Society.


Dean’s Honour List for PhD thesis (top 10%) – McGill University.


Ultimate Frisbee National Championships (Ottawa) – “Golden Bra” Award for Outstanding Contributions to Support Canadian National Women’s Ultimate.

Bertarelli Foundation – Chagos Consortium Collaborative Science ProgramDocumenting the status of pelagic fish assemblages in the marine protected area

Institut de recherche pour le développement (Nouméa)Documenting pelagic fish assemblages in the French Overseas Territories

National Environmental Science ProgramPelagic fish ecology in relation to ocean bathymetry: Implications for management and marine reserves

National Geographic Pristine Seas ProgramPelagic fish ecology in some of the world’s most remote regions

PangaeaUnderstanding the role of sharks in regulating reef ecosystems in the Chagos Marine Reserve

Stanford UniversityIntegrating telemetry and videography for assessments of pelagic shark assemblages

Zoological Society of LondonUnderstanding the role of marine reserves in the recovery of pelagic fish populations


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