Hanna Jabour Christ

Communications and Data Manager


Centre for Marine Futures
School of Biological Sciences
& UWA Oceans Institute
University of Western Australia M092
35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley, WA 6009


I grew up on the Brazilian coast and have always been fascinated by the oceans. This interest and curiosity led me to move to Australia to pursue a career in biology. In 2015 I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Science at UWA. I bring my passion and commitment for marine conservation into my role as Communications and Data Manager.  I organise the Marine Futures Lab outreach and communications programme, sharing our findings to the broader community through our media channels, organizing public talks, and coordinating other community engagement. I curate our expanding database of information on reef and pelagic wildlife assemblages and develop informative graphics representing our data through maps. I also assist with expedition requirements, including permits.

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Christ HJ, White R, Hood L, Vianna GMS and Zeller D. (2020). A Baseline for the Blue Economy: Catch and Effort History in the Republic of Seychelles’ Domestic Fisheries. Front. Mar. Sci. 7:269. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2020.00269


UWA -Staff Development Grant