Ella  Rosengart

Masters student


Centre for Marine Futures
School of Biological Sciences
& UWA Oceans Institute
University of Western Australia M092
35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley, WA 6009

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    Masters title: Anthropogenic effects on marine species biomass, diversity, and abundance in the Recherche Archipelago nature reserve.

    Start date: February 2019.

    I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Marine and Environmental Science from the University of Western Australia in 2017. My Master’s project aims to investigate the impact of anthropogenic disturbance on marine species along the Recherche Archipelago, a group of islands located off the south-west coast of Australia. I will process over 300 hours of baited remote underwater videos (BRUVs) to analyse the diversity, biomass and abundance of marine species. The cameras were located along a gradient of human activity, from the nearby population of Esperance to 230 km east. This project will give us an understanding of how humans influence the growth, diversity, and abundance of marine organisms in the Archipelago and additionally could assist in future management regulations in the area.