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PhD title: Species vulnerability and fisher decision making in illegal shark fisheries in the Indian Ocean

Start date: 1 June, 2015

I am investigating how spatial ecology and population genetics impact the exposure and vulnerability of sharks to illegal fishing on Indian Ocean reefs, and how social, economic and legal factors affect the scale and range of the fishing effort in these locations. The study will use a combination of ecological tools (fine- and broad-scale movement tracking and population genetics), fisheries data collection at landing sites, and interviews with fishers and other actors to collect data on both the ecology of reef shark species and the fisheries that target them.

The spatial ecology and genetic studies will help understand the role of large MPAs such as Chagos in providing a refuge to reef shark species, and its wider role for these species in the Indian Ocean based on the connectivity (or lack thereof) between sub-populations. The study of illegal fishing aims to help quantify the magnitude of illegal fishing in a large oceanic MPA, identify the key drivers of this activity, and suggest points of engagement with regional stakeholders that will reduce illegal fishing effort.

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2020 Andrzejaczek S, Chapple TK, …, Tickler D, Block BA. 2020. Individual variation in residency and regional movements of reef manta rays Mobula alfredi in a large Marine Protected Area. Marine Ecology: Progress Series


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Bertarelli Foundation – Research Grant

Dr. Heather Koldewey & David Curnick  – Zoological Society of London

Prof. Barbara Block, Dr. Aaron Carlisle, Dr. Taylor Chapple, Dr. John Dale – Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Station


Bertarelli Foundation Chagos expedition https://vimeo.com/84571591

Bertarelli Foundation – Tagging sharks in Chagos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeglCGaXfLk