Pelagic Expedition

Pelagic Expedition 2020 Geographe and South-west Corner Marine Parks

March | 2020

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Pelagic BRUVS deployment off Geographe Bay, Western Australia.

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The South-west Corner Marine Park is the largest marine park in the South-west network extending from near-coastal shallow waters to the deep ocean reaching depths of 6400 meters. The park covers 271,833 square kilometres, and boosts marine life with its nutrient-rich waters. Geographe Marine Park covers 977 square kilometres, with depths ranging from 15 metres to 70 metres and is home for migrating humpback and blue whales.  Our goal over this 16-day survey is to document the status of ocean wildlife . Specifically, we aim to determine the diversity, abundance, and size of marine species such as oceanic sharks and pelagic fishes to create a baseline for this park. During this survey, the team has successfully deployed 200 Pelagics BRUVS and collected  18 eDNA samples in addition to manta tows to collect sea surface samples.



The team start steam off the coast of Gracetown, Western Australia to sample the South-west Corner Marine Park.



Preapring bait and gear to conduct pelagic BRUVS sampling in Gracetown, WA.



Pelagic BRUVS being deployed off the coast of Dunsborough, WA.


This expedition was undertaken aboard the vessel Bamba Zonke in collaboration with the Ian Potter Foundation and Minderoo Foundation.