Art exhibition

Samson Fish (Seriola hippos) by Chris Thompson received the 2019 Head of School Commendation

Chris Thompson | Oct, 2019

Chris Thompson

April – May, 2018


The 6th School of Biological Sciences – Biology as Art Exhibition was held between Tuesday 8th to Saturday
12th October at The University of Western Australia’s Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

Chris Thompson was awarded the Head of School Commendation on the print of a Samson Fish (Seriola hippos).

The image was created using the Japanese printing technique gyotaku, this is a form of nature printing developed in the 1800s and used by fishermen to record their catch. Ink is applied to the fish and transferred directly to the paper by pressing, with only the eyes painted in afterwards. This allowed species and size to be recorded and eventually transitioned into an art form as well, preserving the detail and beauty of the fish on paper.


The print of a Samson Fish (Seriola hippos