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Prof. Jessica Meeuwig among 2017 Western Australian of the Year finalists

Jessica Meeuwig | Jun 06, 2017

Jessica Meeuwig

Jun 06, 2017

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Prof. Meeuwig is an internationally renowned marine ecologist.

Photo: Centre for Marine Futures

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Prof. Jessica Meeuwig
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Sincere congratulations to Prof. Jessica Meeuwig on being a finalist in the this year’s Western Australian of the Year Awards.

As the Director the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Marine Futures and a founding member of the Ocean Science Council of Australia, Jessica’s research focuses on understanding the ecology of reef and open-ocean shark and fish assemblages and the way in which their status reflects human impacts and management responses.

This nomination comes in appreciation of Jessica’s lifelong commitment to tackling the most pressing challenges facing marine conservation. It adds itself to an already exemplary track record of scientific ambassadorship and community engagement. In 2012, Jessica was indeed recognised as one of the 100 Most Influential West Australians and was a finalist for WA Science Ambassador.

Jessica’s research has global reach, with well-known individuals such as Sir Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio quoting her work. She is also a significant role model for all women in science given her success in addressing the gender gap in a typically male-dominated discipline.
The award is therefore richly deserved.

Bravo Jessica!

Prof. Jessica Meeuwig (middle) was a finalist in the 2012 WA Science Ambassador Awards